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Scott Angus Cattle: A Fourth Generation Cattle Rancher's Perspective

Hi there Scott Angus Cattle BLOG readers!

I'm Abby Ropers and I'm a fourth generation cattle rancher out of Belgrade, NE. The ranch name is "Scott Angus Cattle" and the ranch is ran by my parents, Marlin and Kelly Scott; my (younger) brother, Sam Scott; my husband, Absolute Jackpot "A.J." (ok, AJ actually stands for Andrew John) Ropers; and myself. So why a blog? I do a annual Christmas Letter that always ends up being an entertaining recollection of our silly little rural life on two pages. I've been told over the years by my Christmas letter readers that I should really try out blogging. So here we are! I don't know what the future holds for this little piece of cyber space but I plan to share days-in-the-life of our family owned cattle operation, some tips and tricks we've learned along the way, current challenges the ranch is facing and answer some frequently asked questions. I'll try to get some "guest bloggers" on here as well to shake it up a little. So hold on to your hats girls and boys! This post starts a new chapter at Scott Angus Cattle -- blogging all about our family's cattle ranch stories...the good, the bad, and just plain comical moments.

Your Blog Host, Abby Ropers

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