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2nd Annual



Wednesday,February 28th, 2024 

1PM at the Ranch, Belgrade, NE

Thank you for your interest in Scott Angus Cattle.

This marks our second Bull Sale and first inaugural in-person sale! This sale features A.I.’d bull calves and ET flush calves out of our elite donors and top end registered females.  These calves represent why we have chosen their mothers in our flush program and the longevity of their cow-family lineage living on at Scott Angus Cattle. Last year we introduced ourselves -- who we are and where our vision is leading us. This year we aim to prove we are here to stay and make a difference in the Angus breed.

Our goals in the cattle industry are as simple as this:

The 5 F words: First Feet, Foundation, and Fertility = Future!

After that, you can move onto phenotype, calving ease, milk and udder structure, scrotal, and disposition.

Sincerely, Scott Angus Cattle family

~You don’t buy the bull, you buy the program~

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