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We are located near Belgrade, the heart of Nebraska with rich farm ground and lush native pastures, on the beautiful Cedar River Valley.

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About Us

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We are located near Belgrade, the heart of Nebraska with rich farm ground and lush native pastures, on the beautiful Cedar River Valley. My grandpa Leonard settled here in the Dirty 30's. He raised and sold draft horses to pull the plow. He started out with a small herd of Herefords and was the first to bring irrigation to our county. Our family has been in the commercial cattle business for seventy-five years and in the past had purchased our replacement females.


When I came into the picture, in the 80's, I started an AI program. To cut the cost of semen down, we carcass tested for Nebraska breeders. Some of the bulls we helped prove were E161, 377, and Neutron. To clean up, we purchased top end bulls to keep bettering our herd. Because of this, we feel we have one of the leading commercial recipient herds in the nation, which has proved the importance of high quality genetics.


 We started out using our recipient herd for Schaff Angus Valley and Champion Hill.    Some examples of calves we raised are SAV Predominant, Mandan, Bismarck. In the last few years, we have had the blessing of raising these Schaff Angus Valley ET bulls here: Angus Valley, Seedstock, Pedigree, Cutting Edge, Regard, Sensation, President, Governor, Rainfall, Raindance, Reign,  Quarterback, Linebacker, Elation.  


Our elite females represent power cattle, with moderate calving ease, high performance, low maintenance, with outstanding eye appeal. The donors we flush produce what we believe will fill every void that any commercial program would ever want, steers putting pounds on the scale and heifers being excellent replacement quality. To a commercial man we possess genetics to keep you moving forward in your operation. To a registered herd we offer superior blood lines that will keep your business on the leading edge of genetics.


In closing the words " breeding stock" are two very important words. The primary ingredient to success of any registered breeder is to produce bulls that will genetically improve any commercial herd. We would love to hear your ideas, so come to talk cattle. Thanks for your interest!

SAV President 6847 before weaning

SAV Emblynette 3301

Leonard Scott with sons and first irrigation system on the ranch


Marlin and Kelly Scott

20898 N 465 St.

Belgrade, NE 68623

Tel: 308-550-1726

Abby Ropers, Controller



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